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Preventative medicine for men and women


Preventive medicine is a medical investigation, such as a yearly physical checkup, which is aimed at preventing health problems in an apparently healthy person. It is in contrast to the type of medical tests you get when you have specific symptoms that need to be diagnosed.

In the preventive medicine the doctor may draw blood or take Urine and Stool samples to check the level of certain substances in your body. Some of the important tests your Doctor may request are explained below. Your Doctor will usually advise you on how frequently you will need to take these tests as this will depend on your age and sex, your present state of health and your risk factors.

Full Blood Count (FBC) or Complete Blood Count (CBC)

What does "Full Blood Count" mean?

The full blood count is the measure of the concentration of White blood cells, Red blood cells, and Platelets in the blood and helps detect a wide range of disorders, including: Anemia, Infections and Leukaemia.

  • Red blood cells carry oxygen and low levels are seen in Anemia.
  • White blood cells fight infection and could be high if there is an Infection or Leukemia.
  • Platelets help with blood clotting. Abnormally high or low levels can be seen in Anaemia, Bleeding disorders, Iron deficiency, Leukaemia etc.

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