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MDS-Lancet Laboratories Ghana (MDS-Lancet) is proud to be the first to have introduced this unique customer service in Ghana. The customer’s convenience is of utmost importance to us therefore, the mobile service enables patients to be served at their convenient location.

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What is a mobile phlebotomist?

This is a trained medical professional, who collects blood and other specimens from patients place of convenience and submits to the Laboratory for processing.

How long does a mobile phlebotomy service take?

We take the waiting rooms and lab environments out of the equation, helping you feel more at ease at your place of convenience such as the home, office etc, making the blood collection process as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

How much does a mobile phlebotomy service cost?

Saving your time and ensuring health safety are the most important priorities for MDS-Lancet. Our services are extremely reliable. Prices for collection vary by location.

The cost of the test is the same as a walk-in service. Give us a call to get a quote.

What are the advantages of mobile phlebotomy?

We understand that getting blood and other specimen collection can be stressful or scary to some patients. By bringing the phlebotomy process directly to your place of convenience, you can be assured of total privacy and close to an environment you are more comfortable with to set you at ease.

It also removes the need for organized transportation, the hectic traffic conditions, and associated costs.

  • Provides elevated privacy
  • Saves time

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Mobile Phlebotomy Services near you

If you need blood or other medical specimens work done, and a more convenient experience, MDS-Lancet offers the perfect solution for patients at their place of convenience

Is Mobile Phlebotomy covered by insurance?

We partner with Private Insurance providers to enhance accessibility to our services, however, do give us a call to confirm your insurance holder, and update on directives required for the usage, before booking an appointment.

Give us a call on or complete the form and one of our agents will get in touch with you.

Switchboard: +233 302 610 480
Mobile/WhatsApp: +233 50 410 1150

Mobile home service is accessible within Greater Accra and Kumasi.

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